Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Day with Pops!

We decided that since Pop's birthday was Friday that we would go and spend Saturday in San Antonio with Pops. So we all got in the van after breakfast and headed to San Antonio. We spent the day with Pops running around, eating, playing the dogs (who were outside and the "safari" was inside), learning that Pops has a cool game room, and seeing Tony (Pop's dad).

The "safari" had a blast, they did not get a nap and were totally exhausted by the end of the day. Pops had a really good time and the "safari" loves spending time with him. Pops we hope that you had a great day with everyone and we love you very much.

Noel and I have been truly blessed with wonderful parents. In our marriage we have not had the struggles that some couples have with "in-laws." We are very thankful that we have the relationships that we have with our parents.

I was thinking on the way home how the relationship that my parents and Noel's parents have with our children is so much different then the relationship that I had with my grandparents. My dad's parents lived in Wisconsin and I only saw them a handful of times. There was really no relationship just an occasional phone call or card in the mail. My mother's parents I saw more and I loved them but we did not live close enough to go and spend the day with them and for a couple of years we were in Europe. I am thankful to God everyday that all our parents live close and they are starting relationships that are very special to both sides. I love the look of love and excitement when my "safari" sees their Nana, Papa or Pops and the look in their eyes when they run to them with arms extended out. My heart is filled and over flowing. Thank you for making the time for that relationship.

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