Monday, April 6, 2009

Egg Hunt

On Sunday, our class got together to have our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Our class consists of children from 5 years old and younger, so it was a blast. Marti filled the Easter eggs with Cheerios, Kix and Gerber Puffs. Before everyone got there Noel and I put the bounce house up and put the eggs in the yard. We really did not hide them but made sure they were easy to see.

Everyone that came brought some goodies to share so that we would not have to feed our children after leaving. After the kids found the eggs we emptied them and then filled them again. So we let the kids keep finding eggs. Some of the kids were more interested in playing then finding eggs but everyone had a really good time.

I love our class we seem to be able to have fun and our children play well together. Also we make sure that we try to take care of the needs that come up in our class. I know that Noel and I have been totally blessed by this community of believers.


cheryl said...

Thanks so much for hosting another fun event, and thanks to Marti for helping plan it all! :o)

Wren Horn said...

The party was fun... thanks for hosting!

Cheng family said...

Thanks for hosting the Egg Hunt. I know Claire especially enjoyed your inflatible slide, as your pictures show!