Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day One Potty Training

The very words "potty training" usually bring fear and anxiety about the whole thing. For us it is no different just on a different scale. Since the end of May Elijah has been doing really well with the whole potty training thing. He is dry throughout the day and is now dry throughout the night, most of the time.

So since Noel is done with traveling for a while we decided to do the potty training thing for real with the triplets. So yesterday we started. At first it was hard because all they wanted to do was sit on the potty and read their books. After Joshua went potty and got some candy the rest of them decided it was not too hard to get some candy.

Of course it was an off and on thing through out the day. Esther did really well in the morning and then in the afternoon forgot that she was suppose to potty. Jacob just wanted the candy and did not want to potty. Joshua was the champion because there was food involved; I think that if you asked him to say his ABC's he would find a way if it involved food as the reward.

Elijah regressed though. He can hold his potty for about 2-3 hours at a time but yesterday he wanted to potty every time the timer went off. He thought that he was going to get candy. Noel told him that he had to poop to get some candy, so what that meant for Elijah was that he needed to poop every 10-15 minutes. Elijah became an expert at pooping just enough to get candy. Also he did not want to use the big boy toilet but the little Ikea ones.

I felt sorry for Hannah, because she was not allowed in the kitchen with the rest of the "safari" when it was potty time, and she did not understand why she was alone during parts of the day. So she was a little more clingy yesterday than normal.

We will let you know how day 2 ended tomorrow. We are having an okay time.

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cheryl said...

you go girl! praying for sanity for you and that everyone will "get it" quick! ;o)