Monday, August 3, 2009

A weekend with Pops!

On Friday we traveled to San Antonio to see POPS! It has been a while since we had seen him at his house and the "safari" was excited. This would be the first time that we would sleep at Pops house and so this was our "trial" run.

We arrived at Pop's house and got the "safari" inside. They ate dinner, Chic-fil-a, and then we had bath time. Our "safari" love their grandparents and so Pops wore them out. The sleeping arrangements were pretty creative. Hannah and Esther slept in playpens in the guest bathroom. The boys slept on a queen size bed against the wall in one of the guest bedrooms. We had to move furniture, raise blinds, put plug protectors in and had to think of everything they would get into. I also put a monitor in their room so that I could hear them. After putting them to bed we were watching TV and that is when I heard the sound of a door being opened and closed. I sent Noel upstairs to get the boys the firm talking about the doors. He came downstairs and told me that it was not the boys but was Hannah opening and closing the bathroom door. All in all the "safari" did fantastic with their sleeping arrangements and there were no fatalities.

On Saturday we played in the backyard with Pops. Now a couple of years ago you would not have been able to say that. Pops had a rock garden in his backyard. Now his backyard is great and soon it will have a swimming pool, Yeah Pops. I think he just wants to make sure that we visit on a regular basis. Here are a few photos of the backyard before and after. He now has a deck, patio, fire pit and grass.

I thought that I would put some photos of the "safari" playing in his backyard as well. They really enjoyed the hill and we enjoyed seeing them run/fall/slip/walk down the hill. I have to say that Joshua was the funniest because he runs funny as it is and adding angles just made it funnier.

Thank you Pops for letting us come and see you, everyone had a great time and we look forward to spending more nights with you. Thank you for taking Noel for sushi he states that he will be set for a while. We love you very much and will see you in a couple of weeks in Dallas, YEAH!

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