Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well Noel and I made it through one week of potty training the triplets and now it is evaluation time. Who passed and who is waiting some more before we go through this again.

Potty training is a stressful time for everyone involved whether you are the parent or the toddler. The "safari" did okay and I feel that they adapted well to the environment that Noel and I had for them this week. You see there is only one toilet downstairs and so there was shifting and portable potties this week for the other two that were not the lucky one that got the toilet. Then Elijah had to find his time on the toilet in between the "safari" going potty.

Esther is the champion of the potty training week. So we are going to continue to potty train her and then when she is almost fully potty trained then we will pick another one of the triplets to focus our time on.

Joshua used the toilet this week but then also used his pull-up as well. So we will let Joshua go potty when we change his diaper to get him in the habit of going potty, but we do not feel that he is completely ready for full potty training. Joshua does not like to be "dirty" but he is still okay with being wet.

Jacob could care less that we are suppose to potty in the toilet. So he will probably be more ready when he is closer to 3 but we will still encourage him.

Hannah will enjoy that she will not be left out any longer this week. She took it pretty hard that the triplets were getting all the attention this past week.

Noel and I are still in love with each other and we still love our children. We are glad that we tested the triplets with potty training and all and all it was not all bad. Thank you for your kind words and your encouragement, it was good to read. So next week there will not be posts on potty training unless something wonderful happens. I am planning on taking photos of the first two pages of my quiet book that I am done with and sharing those things.

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