Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rebellion, but not Technically

With everything that has been going on I thought that I would write what the state of mind of my "safari" has been lately.

As parents when you tell your children that they cannot do something you want to make it simple and easy to understand. Noel and I found that we need to give as much information as possible to make sure that our "safari" does not find the loop holes. Let me give you two examples that we have proof of.

The sleeping situation is that Jacob and Joshua sleep in the same room. Well they like to take the mattress off their beds and so Noel and I have told them that is no. They have even gotten in some trouble over disobeying that. Well we went in on Saturday to wake them up from nap time and this is what we saw.

Now they did move their mattress and that is something that we want them not to do, but technically they did not disobey because the mattress was not on the floor. I know it cannot be comfortable to sleep on the metal frame without the mattress. Joshua and Jacob put their pillows down and slept on them.

The other example was Elijah. Now with him trying to potty train we are telling him that it is okay for him to go to the bathroom and leave his room. We told him that he could not play in the hallway. Well he did not play in the hallway he fell asleep in the hallway.

We feel that they did not break the letter of the law just the spirit of the law. Our "safari" is hilarious and sometimes Noel and I can only laugh at what our "safari" thinks about and how they sometimes go around what we tell them without technically breaking any rules. If this is any indication of what it will be like when they get older, Noel and I are going to have to be very specific with our communication with our "safari."


Trish said...

I love looking at the pictures. They are all quite inventive. They did not break the rule as you said. You will have to be very specific when they are older because they are so clever. I am very proud of Esther and her success in potty training. Give her a kiss for me. Love mom.

cheryl said...

oh man! the mattress absolutely cracks me up! how do they think of these things?

newlyweds said...

Clever little guys, how funny!

cat said...

Oh yes, discipline can sometimes be so hard.