Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day Two!

We survived day two. Joshua did so well that we started to put him in pull-ups. He went to the potty every time that the timer went off and he even told us that he needed to go potty. The big event for the day was that he pooped in the big toilet. Now to someone that does not have children/toddlers that is not a big deal. If you have toddlers or have potty trained your children then you know that is a huge deal and is almost as big as any event in their life so far.

Jacob was a hit and miss. He does not like being confined to a space and did not want to potty. When he did potty though he was so excited. Esther was stubborn but what else is new.

Elijah was good as always but he wanted to potty in the Ikea toilets instead of the big potty. Also he wanted to potty upstairs instead of the downstairs bathroom because that made him special.

The most difficult person was Hannah. She wanted to be by my side all day and with me trying to get THREE toddlers to go potty she was left out. She had several meltdowns. She will get over it but she was not happy with the change.

Here are a few photos of the "safari" on their mission to potty.

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