Friday, August 7, 2009

Day Three, The End!

Day Three of potty training was HORRIBLE!!!! It started off bad and just ended bad.

Noel had to finish some things for work and so we working all morning. So my "security" blanket was gone and as a mom I failed. With the feel of that security blanket and then not having it as a help just made my emotions more intensified. So each time that the triplets did not go potty it just made me more frustrated so that by lunch I did not like my children and just wanted to run away and return after potty training was over.

They took a nap and Noel could help in the afternoon. It came to be a non-productive day. Joshua is doing very well and can pee on demand. Jacob and Esther are a hit and miss. At the end of the third day we were discussing how we were going to stop potty training after Sunday if it did not get any better.

Please pray for us as parents that we would have the patience to love our "safari" through this stressful time for us. It is not a stressful time for the "safari" but for us as parents. We just feel that we are successful or failures depending on if our children can pee on demand. Now that sounds stupid but I bet if you ask any parent that has tried to potty train they will say that they feel the same emotions. Ours is just multiplied because we have to try to get all three on a schedule so they can potty and fell accomplished. Noel and I want to feel that as well.

The third day was a battle of emotions, character and love. We did not do so well. I am just glad that our "safari" will not remember that we failed them on the third day of potty training, but that they are potty trained and we love them.

Thank you for the letting us confess our short-comings and the emotions that we had on day three. We hope that day four is more about love, patience and understanding then defeatist attitudes.

Also there are NO pictures of our horrible day; that might be the best thing because those pictures would not be good. See you tomorrow when we tell you about day four.


Dominic said...

I'll keep praying for y'all. Keep up the hope.

Reading your stories about you, Noel and the safari are so encouraging. It's kinda hard to explain.

I can only hope that I'll be as good of a parent as y'all someday.

- d.

Jen Barnes said...

Don't put too much pressure on them or yourself... they're only 2 years and 1 month old!! We let our kids let us know when *they* are ready. Our oldest PT'ed himself without hardly any effort from us and our 2 year old is getting very close to letting us know that he's ready, also without hardly any work on our part.

If you are looking for help with triplets, my friend Rachel as she has all three of hers PT'ed and she may be able to offer up some advice. She is the sweet friend of mine that gave y'all the triplet infant stroller. Email me if you'd like her contact info.

Best wishes.


Screams in the Forest said...

Very funny story. I worried that Kerri's sister Lindsay would never be potty trained. I picked my battles and the toilet wasn't going to be one of them. If she had to wear a depends going down the marriage Isle, so be it.

Not to fret not to worry, they will potty train themselves. It will happen...

Kerri came to me at 2, holding her diaper saying "I am not going to wear this any more" and that was that...Molly did something very similar... I wish they were all still in diapers...J/K

You and Noel are great parents...

Trish said...

Sometimes no matter what you do it seems not to be the right thing. If it becomes a battle, back off and try later. You and Noel are great parents, not perfect but who is. Just keep loving them and know when to admit you made a mistake. Don't be afraid to tell the children your sorry, it helps. Maybe talk to Jen Barnes friend. I love you and you know what ever dad and I can do we will. All our love Mom and Dad

cheryl said...

Keep hanging in there! Give yourself some grace and we'll keep praying that it will all "click" for them when the time is right.