Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our safari is famous!

Hey everyone our "safari" is famous! We are being featured on the Multiples and More blog today. Please stop by and see what they are saying about us. I love this blog because when I am having a bad day I can go and read how I am not the only one and I can laugh at other people who are having one of those days.

This blog is a community of MoMs who need support, laughter, tears and free things. Check out our fame and leave a comment. Also if you know someone that is a MoM send them the link and have them join our community.


Goldylocks said...

Hey there! Visiting you via the Multiples & More blog!

Your kiddos are so so adorable and your posts crack me up!

I have 16 month old twins...I can't imagine yet the things they will be getting into in the months and years to come!

Annie said...

Hello. Is my first time here via Multiples and More. Thanks for sharing your life. Your kids are adorable.

I'm in shock with the post of the stranger at your door.

Have a nice day.

PS: I like to make new friends, if you have some time you could check my blog.

Keith and Jamie said...

Hey...Popped over from the MoMs blog! Your "safari" is Beautiful!! Love the humor in your post, was trying not to wake my hubby with the laughter.