Friday, August 14, 2009

Page 1 & 2

Over the last several months I have been looking for a wonderful craft for our "safari" that they would keep for their childhood and pass to their children. Some of my friend's mothers made them quiet books. Quiet books are books that you make or buy that give your toddlers activities to do so that they remain quiet in church, meetings or in the car on a trip. I looked at several quiet books and even looked them up on the internet. There were several choices, felt, easy, hard, expensive and all of the above.

I decided to take what I liked from all the designs that I saw and make my own. I thought that this would be a great Christmas gift for the "safari." So I started this month and figured that I would have to do 13-15 pages a month. I am done with the first two pages and I have to say that I have enjoyed this project so far because I have to be creative.

The first page is for a pen/pencil, and bunch of scratch paper and some crayons. The second page is for teaching the "safari" how to use a zipper. I enjoyed picking the fabric out and making all the decisions. Also I made the pattern on my computer for the entire project. Most of the pages came from a dear friend that let me take pictures of her daughter's quiet book. I am working on the third page and will continue to post the pages until the entire book is done and I have all five under the Christmas tree. If at the end you like the quiet book then I can give you my pattern so that you have make your decisions and make your own.

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cheryl said...

very cute! making some great progress! love how they've turned out so far.