Monday, August 24, 2009

There is a Stranger at the Door!

Saturday started as a typical day. We got the "safari" up and went downstairs, had breakfast and then started to play in the playroom. Around 9:30-10:00 am Noel walked into the dining room and our day changed!

Noel stated that there was a person at the door. I thought that was strange because we were not expecting anyone and no one had rang the doorbell. Noel proceeded to go to the door, turned the alarm off and unlock the door. As he is holding onto the door handle the female at the door tried to get into our house. Noel asked the girl if we could help her and she stated that she was looking for someone and that this was his/her house. Noel then told her that she had the wrong house and she then started to apologize. Noel closed the door.

Being a mother I observed the conversation and then after Noel closed the door I went outside to see what was wrong and if I could do anything. The female was no more than 16 years old, she had NO shoes on and her clothes looked liked she had been rolling around in mud. I asked her if everything was okay and if we could help her in some way. She stated that she did not know where she was and that she was really sorry for imposing on us. I asked her if she knew someone that she could call. I went back inside and let Noel go outside for her to use one of our phones.

Noel came back inside and let me know that she got a hold of someone and that she was crossing the street to find the right house. About 20 minutes later my phone rings and I pick it up. It is a male teenager and he states, "hey what are you doing?" I begin to tell him that his friend had used my phone and that she was lost. He stated "is she still walking down the street?"

Hindsight is 20/20. Noel and I should have called the police department to make sure that she was okay, because she was definitely had something in her system. This morning Noel went out to the car to find out that the female had been sitting in our car because the mud that was on her is now in our car.

I know that this was the last weekend before school started and there must have been a party on Friday night. I am shocked at the parenting and lack of parenting that is going on with this current generation. Now I know that there are responsible parents out there but the sad thing is that it is a minority and not a majority anymore. I have to pray and trust that God is going to guide Noel and I as we raise our children to give them guidance and responsibility and hope that our children do not make decisions that will change their lives for the bad. May God protect my children and guide me as a parent to love and discipline our children the right way. That my children see that Noel and I love God and that we love our children but that we are not going to let our children be disobedient to us or to God. Give us the right balance.

I know that I have not been blogging lately. I am trying to help my sister start her company and so I am designing her webpage. Also I am getting ready to do marathon cooking again. I have some things that I want to post so hopefully I will be caught up and ready to go either this week or next. I am still here and we are doing well.


HB said...

So sad for that young girl. We definitely need to lift one another up as we parent/disciple our children!

Trish said...

You are so right. So many parents today want to be their children's friend instead of a parent. God holds us accountable for how we raise the gifts He has given us in our children. I am so thankful to the Lord that you and Noel see the importance of being involved in church and that the right kind of discipline lets your children know you do love them. Keep up what you are doing, keep them in church, pray daily for them, and pray that God sends the right friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and yes mates. It is not to early to start praying for that now. Also pray that God will use you and Noel to reach some of the children your children will have contact with. I love you and are very proud of you. Love Mom